Our Services

Wealth Management

Depending on the individual client’s need and desire we can offer fee-based or commission based investment management.  We utilize both active and passive management and can construct individualized portfolios in-house or utilizing third party managers.

We manage assets setting appropriate asset allocation and diversification to achieve investment goals in the context of age, risk tolerance, time horizon, income, etc.

Retirement Planning

In conjunction with clients we determine income needs in retirement and develop a plan to meet them need given income, assets and spending with the goal of maintaining desired living standards.  Clients do not and should not wait until retirement to address these issues, but rather planning should begin well before retirement.  Together we develop a flexible plan that can be adjusted as client approach, enter and enjoy retirement. 

Estate Planning

We consult with client attorneys and accountants to help preserve manage and distribute assets for future generations as well as protect assets in in the event of incapacitation.  

College Planning

Coverdell ESA, 529 and other vehicles are used to accumulate assets to help defray the considerable cost of college.


Insurance is a key tool to help clients to preserve and protect their families and beneficiaries both now and after they are gone.  We firmly believe having the safety net in place in the event of death, disability or need for long term care is a key part of everyone’s financial foundation.

Business Planning

We work with business owners to help optimize employee benefits to attract and retain employees.  We help put in place retirement plans (such as 401k, 403b, SEP, etc.), business continuation planning, executive compensation, health and life insurance etc.

Planning for Nonprofits

Park Financial Group serves not for profit institutions in developing or maintaining planned giving programs and with their employee benefit programs.

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